presents Dr Fleming's tremendous Covid-19 knowledge, 2021-05-13. 52 minutes. Time-section-notes here! , Also, see 'Hope = treatments' at bottom
Imbyu NOTE: *Vaccines are supposed to be weakened pathogens only.
Note from Dr Pam Popper, "doctors (*)aren't getting their information from scientific studies and medical experts. The majority of the information that they have is coming from pharmaceutical companies and the mainstream media, especially when it comes to COVID-19. This is why it's so important for us to take responsibility for our own healthcare and not simply blindly accept what doctors are saying. Question everything and get the actual answers."
Dr Fleming at 10:05 of the video: "... chimeric, or gain-of-function ... " What does chimeric mean? BING'd 'chimeric': =chimera, biology: an organism containing a mixture of genetically different tissues, formed by processes such as fusion of early embryos, grafting, or mutation. (Imbyu NOTE: *Vaccines are supposed to be weakened pathogens only.)

Dr. Richard Fleming, PhD, MD, JD, preventative and nuclear cardiologist: (video: Sections listed by Imbyu. Descriptions and summaries:
10:00-11:44 Background and current scenario
4:45-8:10 Documents, 2010,2015,2013,2015, showing gain-of-function research funded by USA federal agencies to 3 specific doctors and Wuhan Lab. And, that the MOST NOTABLE GAIN-OF-FUNCTION here is to MAKE AN ORGANISM THAT IS MORE INFECTIOUS. (Imbyu NOTE: *Vaccines are supposed to be weakened pathogens only.)
5:56 NIH & CIA agency connection; as a funding source found in Acknowledgements of one document
8:10 One of the doctors that is doing the gain-of-function engineering
8:55-9:47 "If you read the research and go to the SUPPLEMENTAL parts of it, they did more than [just taking the spike protein of one virus and joining it with the back of another virus]. THEY CHANGED 5 NUCLEOTIDES. .. AND OF THOSE 5, THE 5TH ONE HAD TO DO WITH THE ENVELOPE. AND WE KNOW THAT THE ENVELOPE HAS A GREAT DEAL TO DO WITH THIS VIRUS BEING ABLE TO INFECT THE BRAIN OF PEOPLE ..."
9:47-10:12 " ... in addition to the spike protein. They intentionally changed it. They published what they changed. And so, we got that, we've got that evidence. And for them to say that they're not playing around with this, just misses the information, and in fact the first notation of a chimera, or a gain-of-function for a SARS-CoV-2 virus, dates back to 2006."

***even more scary:
12:40-14:00 Dr Ralph Baric stating that 1- Some experimental virus had its antigenicity (its ID & bonding exterior, the spike protein) made so that previous vaccines for the original virus would not work. 2- Lab-made viruses can be made to appear to be natural.
This part is not so important 18:00-18:38 Mr BigTree asks about the origin of the Covid-19 virus (supposedly unknown, yet the spike protein was known almost immediately.) 18:38-19:26 How organisms' DNA are identified

***specifically what was done to make the *VACCINEs dangerous
19:26-20:17 The mRNA for the spike protein was not enough to cause an immune response, so a self-multiplying mRNA section was added
(19:43 A virus attaching by the spike protein to a Human cell.)
20:00-20:53 Sars-CoV-2 technical origination -basic explanation plus a biological text/illustration
20:53-21:56 Why was this ever funded? Both NIH and Wuhan Lab are dirty.
22:18-23:27 At scroll down to see all of the information on the main website page, then click the 'more' tab, and select 'documentation', to see the compilation of over 60 research papers.

***More specific explanation of the image.
23:27-25:43 The replicator function that increases infectious capacity by 4 to 20 times, was created by Shi Zhengli (Bat Lady) at the Wuhan Lab and the patent is owned by the U.S. Government.
25:43-26:52 The second item in the image, the insert, is made up of 12 nucleotides, and mutations only occur 1 nucleotide at a time. And the U.S. Government owns the patent on this also.
27:47-31:14 The third item, is described as a shape change which was caused by the first two items. And this shape change is a prion-like domain. It has the potential to cause prion diseases. Prions are abnormally folded proteins. Two major animal models have been done on these. One was on humanized mice, 95% of which died within 2 weeks that developed mad cow disease. The second was done on monkeys which developed inflammation and Lewy(?) cells, which cause Alzheimers. Note that spike proteins are exquisitely designed to cross the blood-brain barrier. Note also that the lipid nano-particles used in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines easily disrupt and cross the blood-brain barrier. The 2 weeks in mice represents 1.5 years in Humans.
33-33:30 The prions, abnormally folded proteins, on the protein spikes, were likely not intended, but just an unintended consequence of the first 2 items.
33:30-34:20 There are treatments that are coming about, to treat these problems caused by the Covid-19 virus and vaccines. " ... what we know about treating the vaccines and the damage they can do"

***Discussion about how the Sars-CoV-2 virus and the vaccines are bioweapons by laws already made.
35:46-37:33 Definition, discussion and comprehension of law about how this spike protein is a bioweapon.
37:33-38:36 These vaccines in the EUA documents are strongly shown to not have any benefit.

***specifics about the harm that is caused.
39:30 The spike protein is the bioweapon.
40:16 The vaccines have or reproduce billions of the spike proteins. This was done to cause the immune system to make antibodies. But, antibodies for some infections can attack parts of the body. An example is strep throat antibody attacks the heart.
41:18 There is something new with this spike protein, it has a new kind of antibody dependent enhancement, which in this new case, causes a much larger infecticious capacity. (N terminal domain)
49-50 Crimes against Humanity
Video length is 52:30.

***Hope = treatments
Getting help at 33:38 Dr Fleming: "Before your viewers get to stressed out, I want you to know that on the 5th of June, I am going to be giving a presentation here in Dallas. It's going to be a 3.5 hour presentation, or 4 hours. And in that, I am also going to share with people, based upon the best medical evidence science, what we know about preventing the infection, what we know about treating the infection, what we know about treating Covid, and what we know about treating the vaccines, and the damage that they can do, because there is good medical science that backs up treatment regimens for all 4 of those. So, before anyone gets too stressed out, be aware that that science exists and is coming forward, and were going to share that with people."