Ideas to elevate society.

*Consider responding to accusations on social media by requesting for proof.

*Consider boycotting platforms or channels that claim to know another party's motive without providing evidence. Innocent until proven guilty.

*For scientific studies, consider demanding transparent funding source chains.

***Find and propose solutions. Rather than just complaining about a problem.

Avoid excessive/lengthy speaking/writing: It can bury the truth, and have an excessively high time-cost burden.

Company's chains of command structures can be deleterious when led by egocentric people. Consider shared leadership, and more immediate compensation changes.

Consider whether you are a dictator of your group. Share leadership and management and share compensation for these accordingly.

Consider getting sufficient truth in government matters. Consider that a journalist may be expressing crocodile tears, or fake-victim's anger in place of calm, rational evidence citation and requests for you, the listener to make your own judgement.

Contemplate changing age of consent in your state to be age dependent and range bound. For example, for youngest participant aged 18 to 21, can only give consent to someone up to 2 years older plus one year for each year over 18. (18:18-20, 19:19-22, 20:20-24, 21:21-25)